Breaking The Chains to Make Change!!!

The MusiQ
The Mission

Black Voices: From Chains to Change

is a 25 track  journey of rhyme & rhythm with soundbites from our historical civil rights icons delivering the power and passion that changed the world. The compilation includes words of wisdom, empowerment, encouragement, and enlightenment from Afeni Shakur, Malcolm  X, Angela Davis, Nelson Mandela, President Barak and First Lady Michelle Obama, & Dr Martin Luther King Jr., set to selestial sounds. Spoken word pieces and historical vignettes perfect this anthology, inspiring our children, our community, our world, reminding us that our life's mission is to know ourselves and our place among all humanity.

Black Voices offers 4 ten-week program sessions throughout the year, servicing approximately 100 youth.

For a ten week period, each day after school for 3 hours, participating youth will attend The Black Voices Learning Lab. For the first 90 minutes participants will share a well-balanced meal provided by Black Voices and engage in an organized rap session journaling their thoughts, ideas, and feelings on various topics guided by highly skilled facilitators, mentors, and educators.

For the second 90 minute time slot, our high schoolers turn their rap sessions into inspirational music using a Black Voices MusiQ Learning Lab's mobile music studio piloted by experienced musicians, who will guide them step by step in producing their own compilation of , retail-ready music. They will be allowed to create hip hop/rap songs, R&B songs, spoken word pieces, and recorded vignettes about historical icons and instructed on how to package, market, advertise, and sell their musiQ. 

This mission is sponsored by Sun Q Moon Qreative Partnership


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